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Customs Brokerage

The knowledgeable SBS customs brokerage staff has the background and expertise to handle all types of import customs and regulatory issues our customers might face. With the ever-increasing scrutiny to which U.S. Customs is subjecting the import community, our licensed Customs Brokers take a proactive approach to assisting our clients in cycle of continuous review of their import programs.

SBS is committed to providing our customers with the tools they need to ensure import documents are complete, accurate and timely. We partner with our clients in this process to assure the entry and release of their products are completed in a manner which minimizes dwell time at ports of entry.

We realize that importers are challenged with gaining the internal resources required to maintain a formal program which covers everything that “Informed Compliance” requires. SBS leadership includes team members who have worked on the importer side of the business. We understand these internal challenges you face in this arena and can partner with you in making recommendations for building an importer-directed informed compliance program.


  • We offer our customers Import Compliance assistance
  • Transparent and ‘real-time’ full visibility of customs clearance and posting of Documents through our 24/7 accessible on-line software.
  • One stop Ocean, Air, Domestic and Customs Clearance….all in-house.
Customs Brokerage