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Systems Integration

Customer Integration
Common benefits of supply chain integration include PO Management, Warehouse Management, and reporting.

Carrier Integration
We receive electronic status updates from most our carriers throughout the day. Automated status updates provide up-to-date cargo tracking, keep our costs low and reduce errors.

Customs Integration
Through our direct VPN connection with US Customs, SBS files ISF, ABI, and AES straight to Customs and gets immediate feedback.

Format Flexibility
We prefer to use standard transaction types such as EDI ANSI ASC X12, UN/EDIFACT, but also support XML, CSV, and flat files. Here are some popular inbound and outbound formats currently used at SBS:

  • Purchase Order (850)
  • Advanced Shipping Notice (856)
  • Warehouse Shipping Order (940)
  • EDI Invoice (810)
  • Warehouse Shipping Advice (945)
  • Truck/Motor Carrier Status (214)
  • Ocean Carrier Status (315)
  • Rail Carrier Location Messages (CLM)
  • Load Tender (204)
  • ISF – Importer Security Filing
  • AES – Automated Export System
  • ABI – Automated Broker Interface

File Transport Methods
Web Services, HTTP(S), AS2, FTP(S), AS3, VAN, and even Email

SBS integrates with all aspects of the supply chain