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Information Services

PO Management

  • Date Planning
  • Price/Qty Auditing
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Data Validation
  • ASN Generation

Business Intelligence

  • Dashboards
  • Interactive Reports
  • Scheduled/Exceptions
  • Custom KPI's

System Integration

  • Customer Integration
  • Carrier Integration
  • Customs Integration
  • Format Flexibility
  • Any Transport Method

Management Tools

  • Freight Approval
  • ASN Creation
  • Container Optimization
  • Shipment Quoting
  • Customizable Workflow

Track and Trace

  • Early Visibility
  • Real-Time
  • EDI Status Updates
  • Tracking Details
  • Customizable

Information Services

SBS systems are created in-house specifically designed to meet real customer needs. This means that our exclusive innovative tools are built to drive change and cost savings for ALL our customers.

Through the use of electronic data feeds and online tools, we have integrated with the entire supply chain: suppliers, importers, Customs, warehouses, and carriers for every mode of transportation.

Our ability to connect data gives our customers visibility of freight activity and business intelligence tools to analyze your supply chain, such as vendor compliance, service levels, and landed cost.

Please Contact Us if you're interested in what SBS technology can do for your company.